Greece And It’s Strangely Shaped Properties

January 11, 2017 by in Greece
Strange Greek Property Shapes

In most countries we are used to 4 point properties… for the most. Exceptions do exist but for the most they all are almost a perfect rectangle, with 4-6 points. Anything other then that and you are probably looking at making appointments with the city’s plan checkers to figure out which side counts as a rear property line and which is a side property line.

In fact here’s an excerpt from a US code handbook explaining the various names of different lot types. Notice how they all have very simple geometry?

what typical properties look like

This is a major reason why most our clients are baffled when they first set eye on Greek properties. In Greece you will find all sorts of strangely shaped plots and many people wonder why… 

The answer to this question lies in the way property was inherited down from generation to generation.

Dating back hundreds of years, a property’s equity was measured not by it’s area, location or view but by… what it could produce. So when a property was passed down, the land would be inherited by it’s number of trees. A line would be traced around each tree and clusters of these would be inherited by each heir. Some acquired bigger properties, others less – but all the correct number of trees.

Next time you set your eyes on a survey map of rural land in Greece, have a look at it with the trees showing… you’ll get a better understanding of why it has evolved the way it has.

Survey Map Of Greek Property With and Without Trees Showing

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