The Mykonian Mood Board… Is A Minimalists Dream Palette

February 10, 2017 by in Greece
The Mykonian Mood Board… Is A Minimalists Dream Palette

Long ago when pirates invaded the Island of Mykonos, residents opted to disguise their buildings in stone that came from their land. This made them invisible to the naked eye as it blended in with the rocky dry landscape of the island. 

By 1972, calsomine became a legal obligation on all buildings, a material that has become characteristic of the white greek houses. Calsomine (also called whitewash) had natural antibacterial properties and was encouraged since it warded of epidemics of the time.

Today, building regulations limit new buildings with the following materials:

  1. White Walls (mostly)
  2. Natural Stone Walls (sparse)
  3. Monochrome Wood Framed Windows in any blue, gray, green, yellow, red or earth tone

And that’s it – 3 materials to play with when designing your project. While this is the main material and color palette of the mykonian building typology, many more constrains are imposed on a building’s appearance including a flat roof restriction, walls that narrow at their top and narrow openings amongst others.

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